About Guest Video

Most Unique

The service provided by Guest Video is most unique because it provides easy to use webhosting with the most sophisticated DRM and copy protection solution ever conceived. There is nothing else like it. 

To appreciate how unique Guest Video really is, if you Google "secure video hosting" all you will get is a list of file sharing services, and while some may claim to provide DRM (password protection), none of them provide copy protection of the video while on display. But wait, there is another huge difference... to show secure video stored on a file sharing service, one needs a website!

A website is not required to use Guest Video to derive an income from your videos. All you do need is an email address and proof of ID.

Secure Video Hosting

Guest Video websites provide everything that one needs to sell/manage user rights to access video. Normally economical website hosting cannot utilise effective copy protection solutions that require a dedicated server or VPS. But Guest Video has the most secure copy protection solution running at server level for all sites hosted on our server.

Unlike WordPress which depends on third party plugins for a shopping cart, credit card sales, etc., a Guest Video website has all of those tools already integrated which is very much more secure, has no impact on page speed and not exposed to exploit. In fact the only third party service involved in the Guest Video hosting service is our domain registrar and our cloud file service.

Several options are available:

  • Your own domain name or alias.guest.video with a standalone site and the tools to onsell author accounts.
  • An author account on guest.video billed according to downloads/end usage.
  • A FREE author account billed for commission of token sales only.
  • A FREE author account that pays you for download/end usage.

Click for more information on our Secure Video Hosting plans.

Web Security

What makes Guest Video hosting the most unique and most securely protected video hosting solution is the secure tunnel created between web server and the user’s browser.

By using the ArtisBrowser, a web browser specially designed to copy protect web content, and the only web browser that can decode the encrypted content delivered by our server, your video and the web pages used to display it, including anything displayed on that page, are most securely protected from all save and copy exploits including PrintScreen, screen capture and screen recording.

ArtisBrowser is available for Windows, Mac OSX, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android mobile phones.

DRM and Copy Protection

The user access rights (DRM) to view Guest Video pages is the most secure. Access rights cannot be shared and they cannot be exploited in any way because Guest Video tokens and membership access is locked to unique computer signatures (other DRM services can be shared on any web browser).

The only way that protected Guest Video content can be copied is by standing back from a computer screen and using a camera. But anyone trying to distribute those copies will find their identity exposed if watermarking has been applied.


Guest Video does not have anything to do with any third party ad services.


Guest Video does not have anything to do with any third party tracking services. Site stats for authors to analyse their sales and page visits is private and available for their own content only.


Unlike other "secure video services" the DRM protection used by Guest Video is real and not just a buzzword for the sake of SEO. Our DRM identifies users by their unique computer signature so that access priveleges can never be shared or exploited.

Our copy protection is also real. In fact no other video service provides effective copy protection, mainly because they don't know how and also because those who want copy protection are few. Those who will appreciate Guest Video services are those who need to secure intellectual property.

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