While the different types of Author accounts are self explanatory, this document serves to elaborate on what is expected from authors and what authors can expect from Guest Video.

Authors using a dedicated web site

Guest Video is the hosting provider who will endeavour to ensure that the website is online at all times. The author is responsible for the content displayed on their web site, up to and including site configuration. No commission on sales. An account with a credit card service is required for sales.

Authors using billable accounts

Authors on the Premium hosting plans pay a monthly hosting fee. Content added to the Member Pool can earn a dividend based on usage as a share of subscription revenue. Authors can use their own credit card gateway free of commission or the Guest Video Paypal account for 20% commission on token sales.

Authors using a free account

Authors on FREE accounts pay no monthly hosting fee. Content added to the Member Pool can earn a dividend based on usage as a share of subscription revenue. Guest Video retains 50% of token sales.

Demo accounts

Demo accounts are free 14-day trials that provide limited access to most of the author s. Tokens can be created for access to one or more team members for the evaluation of how our DRM and copy protection works.

Member Access

The public can only access doorway pages for the sake of advertising and search engine fodder. All other pages are copy protected and accessible via the ArtisBrowser only. To access protected pages, users require either Subscription membership or a DRM Token.

  • Subscription Access – subscribed members can view all pages assigned to the Member Pool. Subscriptions require monthly renewal with the proceeds shared among contributing authors.
  • Token Access – DRM tokens are assigned to pages or collections (such as course material). Pages assigned Token access are not accessible from the Member Pool.

Authors have the choice of nominating their content for DRM Tokens or the Member Pool. Content for DRM Tokens must be added as a Product for it to show in the online catague.

WordPress Plugin

While Guest Video is a hosting service for standalone pages, those pages can also be embedded into WordPress pages by using the Guest Video Protection plugin for WordPress.

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